The Story So Far

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Issue 0
Contains the earliest appearance of Bug & Stump in the Monash University student paper "Lot’s Wife".
Picture of the cover of Issue 1
Issue 1
Autumn 1993
Ignore everything that happened in Issue 0! This is where the regular series begins, the issue in which Bug & Stump actually meet for the first time, have their first argument, and beat up their first lot of baddies. Touching stuff. Also introducing the S.I.P’s, the Illuminatum and the Bewlay Brothers.
Picture of the cover of Issue 2
Issue 2
Spring 1993
Introducing Killeye, the first of the Bewlay Bothers’ chaotic creations. Also has an explanation of the structure of creation using peanuts.
Picture of the cover of Issue 3
Issue 3
Summer 1994
This issue includes the death of Killeye, the creation of the Boys In Blue, the death of a granny and her dog, and Bug & Stump running away a lot. It’s an action packed issue. Also features the back cover on the front and the front cover on the back!
Picture of the cover of Issue 4
Issue 4
Autumn 1994
Winner of the prestigious Best Cover Award at Ozcon 95 for Chris Wahl’s effort. Inside meet Self Aware Man (S.A.M) aka God, Stump’s antisocial and overly melodramatic brother Sergeant Masakrr, the Boys In Blue meet a semitrailer, and Bug & Stump meet Aaron, Cassandra And Mort, as well as Straight-As-An-Arrow.
Picture of the cover of Issue 5
Issue 5
Winter 1994
Bug & Stump get a job at Luna Park, and go on a roller coaster ride to end all roller coaster rides, well at Luna Park any way. Masakrr and Stump are reunited, and the emotion is simply heart warming. Oh, and Bug gets it Big Time!
Picture of the cover of Issue 6
Issue 6
Summer 1995
The issue that has everything! Bug in plaster, Stump on trial, Masakrr on a power trip, and the Boys In Blue in the throes of existential angst. You’ll find out what Stump is doing on Earth, who the Bewlay Brothers are, and what the SIP’s are. But more importantly, you get to see Stump with a really silly haircut!
Picture of the cover of Issue 7
Issue 7
Winter 1995
Bug & Stump escape from the SIP’s who have their hands full with the Boys In Blue but Stump falls under the control of the Bewlay Brothers and is sent to “Kill the Bug”.
Picture of the cover of Issue 8
Issue 8
Spring 1995
Bug goes in search of KAOS (not the Get Smart kind) to cure Stump, but finds Straight As An Arrow and the Illuminatum headquarters instead. Luckily Stump recovers in time to beat up the bad guys! Meanwhile at S.I.P. Central, all is not as rosy it seems.
Picture of the cover of Issue 9
Issue 9
Summer 1996
The Illuminatum have infiltrated S.I.P. Central and seized control of the portal room. Meanwhile on Earth, Bug and Stump pursue Straight As An Arrow. More baddies being beat up and Bug and Cassandra get it on (well almost).
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